The most ‘Un–Fabricated’ form of storytelling.

‘Prime Documentaries Monthly Screening’ is an attempt to connect global storytellers and cinema lovers, an effort to initiate a dialog by showcasing stories that needs to be heard, stories of change, stories of innovation and stories of inspiration.

We believe in the power of creative expression which can entertain, educate, sensitize, inspire and transform.

We aim to celebrate and encourage new and emerging documentary filmmakers from across the globe.
We accept online submissions only via #FILMFREEWAY

To submit your film offline please send an email to screening@primedocumentaries.org

Will soon update our new venue

So far we had our monthly screenings at Gyaan Adab Centre

About Gyaan Adab Centre

Gyaan Adab Centre provides a stimulating, recreational and interactive creative arts space for literature enthusiasts of all ages. A space where people of all ages may read, interact and share in the exciting experience of literature and the arts – free from political and religious agendas, class or caste differences and activism of any kind. It aims at fostering new creative work while showcasing the old and established literary and artistic traditions and streams of thought. By playing its role to the fullest, it intends to bring together people of all ages in a celebration of tradition and modernity.

Gyaan Adab Centre is dedicated to fostering new creative work while showcasing the old and established literary and artistic traditions, bringing together people in a celebration of tradition and modernity through the medium of literature. It offers a warm and open space to anyone who wants to celebrate different cultures through literature.
To know more about Gyaan Adab please visit www.gyaanadab.org

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Film Criteria:

The film must be a non-fiction/documentary or a fiction/narrative short film with duration of 40 minutes of less.

The film must not include hate speech, excessive violence, slanderous or libelous claims, or any other actionable offenses.

The film must not be in the public domain, and must be validly registered for copyright (if applicable).

The film must not

(i) infringe any rights of publicity or privacy, moral rights or IP rights, including any music-related rights,

(ii) be defamatory or indecent, and

(iii) violate any applicable laws.

Non english films need to subtitled.
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